BUNNY Maximizer

In the BUNNY Maximizer vault, users can stake their BUNNY tokens and earn more BUNNY. This vault benefits from the Bunny Distribution (Performance Fee) collected from all other vaults. There is a 0.5% Fee for withdrawals within 72 hours of a Deposit.


In this farm, users can deposit BUNNY/BNB and earn even more BUNNY tokens. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 72 hours.

CAKE Auto Compounding Farm

The CAKE farm is where you can reap the benefits of automating compounding and the high APY. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 72 hours. The 30% performance fee is collected but for every 1 BNB in fees collected, we give 40 BUNNY, so you’re getting free money.

Rest of PancakeSwap Farm

Currently we have CAKE-BNB, ETH-BNB, BTCB-BNB, BTCB-BUSD, DOT-BNB, BUSD-BNB, USDT-BNB, USDT-BUSD, DAI-BNB, DAI-BUSD, USDC-BUSD, USDC-BNB, and VAI-BUSD pools, which exist on Pancakeswap. Our smart contracts automatically compound your investments, giving you a higher APY. For these pools, as profit you will be getting the respective LP Token of the pool, as well as BUNNY tokens. 30% of profits will be collected and given as BUNNY tokens. For every 1 BNB collected, we give 40 BUNNY. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 72 hours. Currently you can only claim your profits, if you claim & exit the pool. We may change this in the future.

Maximizer PancakeSwap Farms

The Maximizer farms takes the profits that come out of the original compounded Pancakeswap farm, and puts it into the CAKE auto-compounding farm, in order to give you a higher apy, while protecting your principal. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 72 hours. With the Maximizer Farms, users can claim their profits, without exiting the farm.

According to our test calculations, assuming that CAKE price stays constant, USDT-BNB Farm APY is 30%, and CAKE APR is 300%, then the APY of someone who deposits into the “Yield Maximizing USDT-BNB Farm” would be 189.9%. This is much higher than the 30% achieved by simply compounding USDT-BNB, yet the risk is very minimal. The only risks would be if CAKE price drops significantly, or if the CAKE APR drops as well. That being said even if the CAKE price drops significantly the principal amount invested in USDT and BNB would still be the same. Similar to our regular farms, in order to fully benefit from the compounding effect, a user must have the patience to sit back and watch their money grow exponentially over time. One small complication is that because of the way the new yield maximized farms are coded through back end development, the yields earned daily (24 hour period) get distributed the next day on a rolling cycle. This means that users who deposit from day 0 to day 1 would be at a slight disadvantage as they would not be able to receive their fair share of yields for the first 24 hours. To mitigate this effect we plan on giving these early users some BUNNY to compensate for the lost yields. The graph below illustrates the difference in returns between the original Stable-BNB farm and the new Yield Maximizing Stable-BNB farm.

We have provided the mathematical formula for calculating the total geometric sum. Feel free to use it to personalize your calculations.

Qubit Single Asset Smart Vaults

The Qubit SAVs offer significantly boosted APYs through Smart Leveraging and PancakeBunny’s boosted QBT Rewards from the operation of the bQBT Vault. Overview of the Qubit SAVs:

  1. Receive significantly boosted rewards in QBT and BUNNY through the operation of PancakeBunny’s platform-wide qScore/QBT Multiplier and smart leveraging.

  2. Smart leveraging: Qubit SAV contracts smartly leverage the assets to optimize against supply and borrow interest rates in order to outperform previous Venus SAVs.

  3. Stake in any SAV supported by Qubit: BNB, ETH, USDT, CAKE, BUSD, DAI, USDC, and BTCB.

Qubit SAVs share a portion of their QBT rewards for distribution to stakers in the QBT Vault and stakers in the bQBT-BNB Vault in order to reward users who lockup QBT so that the Qubit SAVs enjoy boosted QBT rewards. Currently the SAVs share 6% of their QBT rewards, with 3% going to the QBT Vault and 3% going to the bQBT-BNB Vault.

The bQBT Vault

Overview: The bQBT Vault is how PancakeBunny generates a qScore and QBT Rewards Multiplier for the entire platform. To do so, PancakeBunny operates as a “super user” of Qubit through its bQBT Vault. In other words, PancakeBunny locks up QBT staked to the bQBT Vault to generate the platform’s QBT Rewards Multiplier for all of the PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs.

What does the bQBT Vault do?

  • It is where you get 1 bQBT for each QBT you contribute to lockup for PancakeBunny’s qScore

  • It is where you can stake the bQBT you have just received for a share of the QBT rewards generated by PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs

  • It is where you can lock up QBT to generate a QBT rewards multiple for the SAVs and receive a liquid bQBT token in return

Commit QBT tokens into the PancakeBunny bQBT Vault and receive bQBT in return on a 1:1 basis. These QBT are irrevocably committed to the bQBT Vault. Once you commit your QBT, the Vault locks them up for a period of 24 months (on Qubit). Per the smart contract, the Lock period is continuously extended in order to maximize the PancakeBunny Rewards Multiplier. (After QBT rewards mining is finished, staked/locked QBT will be used to share fees from the protocol and other products).

In return, you receive, on a 1:1 basis, a token called bQBT. bQBT is a token that represents your contribution to the Rewards Multiplier for the PancakeBunny QBT Vault, bQBT-BNB Vault, and SAVs. You can also use bQBT to earn staking rewards in the QBT Vault and the bQBT-BNB Vault.

In other words, bQBT represents a way to lock up your QBT to help boost QBT rewards across PancakeBunny’s bQBT, bQBT-BNB, and Qubit SAV Vaults — while at the same time, still remaining liquid, as bQBT will be tradeable for BNB through the bQBT/BNB pair. Furthermore, bQBT can be staked in the bQBT Vault and bQBT-BNB Vault to earn a share of the boosted QBT Rewards generated by all of the Qubit SAVs.

Use cases for the bQBT Vault:

  1. QBT: Lock QBT in the bQBT Vault to increase the QBT Rewards Multiplier enjoyed by yourself and the entire PancakeBunny Community, and receive bQBT 1:1.

  2. bQBT: Stake bQBT in the bQBT Vault to earn QBT and BUNNY.

bQBT-BNB Vault

The bQBT-BNB Vault is a reward pool in which you stake bQBT-BNB LP tokens. As a reward you will receive QBT and BUNNY. The team will provide Zap functionality once there is enough liquidity provided.

Leveraged Farming Vaults

Leveraged Farming Vaults allow farmers to maximize farming profits by borrowing additional liquidity to increase an asset position that has been provided as collateral. Bunny harnesses xLP of Qubit to open leverage position and consequently, it will promote utilization of Qubit liquidity pool too.







Max Leverage







Max Debt Ratio







Liquidation Threshold







*5% Liquidation Penalty remains after repaying loans

*3% Performance Fee is charged from profits

Venus Single Asset Smart Vaults

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