Welcome to Bunny

Bunny is a Defi Yield Farming Aggregator and Optimizer for the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.


The greater ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly the yield aggregators, experienced very significant growth in 2020. From there, optimization opportunities emerged that the team felt poised to innovate upon.

The Bunny protocol was created to provide users with an easy way to automatically compound the returns of their investments made through the Binance BSC Smart Chain (BSC) and more recently the Polygon Chain.

Optimizing returns with the Bunny protocol

The yield farming service provided by Bunny is enabled by the use of ‘Pools’, in which individuals stake their crypto tokens.

Through automation, Bunny enables individuals to participate in pools, farm yields, and enjoy the benefits of compound interest without having to go through several complex steps. Bunny calculates the most optimal compounding frequency and automatically reinvests tokens via smart contracts.

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