Pre-Liquidity Period


Start: 02:00 on 23 June (UTC)

End: 24:00 on 30 June (UTC)


No total cap

No limit per wallet

Based on 1 ETH staked during this pre-launch window, users will receive a bonus of 750 polyBUNNY according to the following mechanism:

  1. User provides 1 ETH on PancakeBunny’s Polygon fork;

  2. PancakeBunny mints 750 polyBUNNY for the user;

  3. PancakeBunny uses 0.5 ETH and 250 polyBUNNY to create a Quickswap LP token;

  4. PancakeBunny automatically begins farming the LP token in the newly forked polyBUNNY-ETH Pool to generate PancakeBunny Polygon yields (i.e. polyBUNNY-ETH LP + additional polyBUNNY rewards);

  5. PancakeBunny uses 250 polyBUNNY and the remaining 0.5 ETH to create another polyBUNNY-ETH LP token, which it then sends to the Polygon Bunny Pool to be farmed over the next 90 days (similar to the operation of the original Bunny Pool on BSC);

  6. PancakeBunny automatically stakes the remaining 250 polyBUNNY to farm returns in the newly forked Polygon Bunny Pool, which returns are then distributed in the form of polyBUNNY;

  7. Staked pre-launch polyBUNNY-ETH LP and polyBUNNY tokens locked up for up to 90 days, subject to the ratio of pre-launch polyBUNNY to polyBUNNY minted post-launch.

Initial APR for polyBUNNY/ETH: 400%

Initial APR for polyBUNNY staking pool: 800%

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