Presale (Ended)

Presale Details

Date: 11/4 SGT 12:00 ~ 11/17 SGT 12:00

Allocation: 10,000 BNB

Returns: 10,000 BNB worth of LP tokens + locked up 50,000 BUNNY tokens

Launch: 11/20

Reward Payout: 11/21

  • 10 BUNNY Tokens are given per 1 BNB. If all 10,000 BNB gets sold and allocated a total of 100,000 BUNNY will be issued.

  • Participants of the presale are eligible to withdraw BUNNY-BNB LP following the launch.

Intended Uses

  1. Liquidity Pool

  • Once the pool is created, 5,000 BNB and 50,000 BUNNY will be put in the Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool (Est. Value: $300,000).

  • LP Tokens will be given to presale participants according to their share.

  1. BUNNY Reward Pool

  • The BUNNY Reward pool is a type of reward pool that issues BNB as a reward for staking BUNNY.

  • When the pool gets created the presale participants’ 50,000 BUNNY will get staked.

  • 5,000 BNB will get accumulated as rewards and will get distributed over 365 days.

  • There will be a BUNNY lockup for Presale Participants. Following the launch, the presale BUNNY tokens will be unlocked equally according to the amount of new BUNNY tokens issued.

  • 1 Year of continuous staking will allow for a full withdrawal of 5,000 BNB without any fees.

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