Qubit Distribution Speeds

The "Qubit speeds" are unsigned integers that specify the amount of QBT that is distributed, per second, to suppliers and borrowers in each market. This numbers can be changed for individual markets by calling setQubitDistributionSpeed through a Qubit Governance.

The function distributionSpeedOf of Qore gives unsigned integers that indicate the rate at which the protocol distributes QBT to markets' suppliers or borrowers, every second. The value is the amount of QBT (in wei), per second, allocated for the supply, borrow markets.

The Qubit Distribution Speeds indicate how much QBT goes to the suppliers or borrowers.


function distributionSpeedOf(address qToken) external view returns (uint supplySpeed, uint borrowSpeed);


Qore qore = Qore(<qoreAddress>);
(uint supplySpeed, uint borrowSpeed) = qore.distributionSpeedOf(<qTokenAddress>);

// Approximate QBT issued per day to suppliers
uint qbtSupplySpeedPerDay = supplySpeed * 1 days;

// Approximate QBT issued per day to borrowers
uint qbtBorrowSpeedPerDay = borrowSpeed * 1 days;


const qore = await ethers.getContractAt(<qoreABI>, <qoreAddress>);
const {supplySpeed, borrowSpeed} = await qore.distributionSpeedOf(<qTokenAddress>);

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