Pending Qubit (or Accrued Qubit)

Every Qubit user accrues QBT for each second they are supplying to or borrowing from the protocol. Users may call the Qore's accruedQubit method at any time to get amount of accrued QBT.


// Get accrued QBT by holder in all markets
function accruedQubit(address account) external view returns (uint);

// Get accrued QBT by holder in specific market
function accruedQubit(address market, address account) external view returns (uint);


Qore qore = Qore(<qoreAddress>);
uint accruedQubit = qore.accruedQubit(<account>);


const qore = await ethers.getContractAt(<qoreABI>, <qoreAddress>);
const accruedQubit = await qore.accruedQubit(<account>);

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